The Struggle is Real

You know the whole “slash and burn” drive I’ve been on just recently? I have expanded it this morning to include the backup of my blog, and all of my work notes and research. I’m not sure if I’m going to call this “simplification”, “putting my eggs in one basket”, or just plain “stupidity”.

The backup of the blog posts – over four thousand of them – was at GitHub. They are all being uploaded to Google Drive while writing this. The work notes and research were in Evernote – I imported them into Google Drive this morning. Putting everything in one place seems to make sense, given my propensity to tinker with things. It also prepares me for the day when my old desktop computer at home finally packs up, and I revert entirely to the Chromebook.

Now I can get on with emptying my head into the blog each day, instead of getting on with whatever I should be doing. Oh – and of course I’ll carry on filling the bullet journal with all the things I’m pretending to do to make myself look busy.

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