February Begins

How is it the beginning of February already? Where did January go? If I were to believe the various posts I have seen while dipping my toes into the acid laden waters of Facebook, most people seem to think January has been hanging around forever. Not for me. The few days off over Christmas and New Year seem like yesterday.

I’m pretty sure each year of your life accelerates. I wonder if we build up a sort of momentum, and then coast through our later years until we roll to a stop?

This month’s anticipated work trip to Germany has been pushed back into March. I’m not sure how the rest of the project will unfold now – it all looked neat and tidy when I drew up plans at the start of the year.

I guess the big news today was the arrival of a sandwich van at the office. I doubt I’ll buy anything, for the same reason I don’t typically buy coffee in town – I can’t afford it. I always wonder when I see others regularly buying coffee en-route to work – how on earth do they afford it? We buy either instant coffee, or pods for a Tassimo machine at home – and instant coffee is provided for free at work. Buying one cup of coffee for the same price as a large jar of instant coffee has always seemed a bit mad to me.

Let’s try to forget that I take Miss 17 for coffee at least once a week though. If it costs me the price of a couple of cups of coffee and a chocolate brownie for her to unload her troubles, I’ll pay it every time.

Anyway. Tomorrow is Friday. Nearly the weekend.

Do you ever get to the weekend, and feel like you’re collapsing over the finish line – only it’s a finish line where there is washing up piled everywhere, dirty clothes in huge heaps, and a running track that’s falling apart all over the place ?

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