Relatively Unscathed

This week has been something like a firework – starting off burning fiercely, then finally letting go with an explosion, leaving a debris field full of smoking wreckage behind. Sorry if I’m being vague – you should know by now that I never really open up about anything outside of my own little bubble.

Thank the maker it’s Friday though. I’ve already drunk half a bottle of wine, and it’s gone straight to my head. No taking advantage, okay? I wish I still had the tub of chocolate ice-cream I downed the other night.

I’m sitting in the junk room writing this – sitting at the decade old PC running Linux Mint. It always makes me laugh that when people find out what I do for a living, they imagine I will have some sort of rocket-ship laptop, and a home computer with multiple screens, ridiculous processing power, and enough storage to backup the known universe. The reality is something of a polar opposite.

I have three daughters. I struggle to afford cheap tubs of frozen yoghurt, let alone rocket-ship laptops. I’m also having considerable trouble typing this – the wine really HAS gone to my head. Like I said – no hitting on me – my defensive walls and typing skills appear to be in pieces around my feet this evening.

In other news, I notice the Superbowl is on the TV here late on Sunday night. No doubt all the sporty-mc-sporto American people will know all about it. I’ve tried to stay up and watch it the last few years – no doubt I’ll try again, powered by peanut M&Ms, and coffee.

Here’s to making it to the end of the week relatively unscathed. I’m not sure that’s something really worth celebrating, but I’ll take it.

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