Sleep and Chocolate

I have nothing earth shattering to report. I’m not going to let that stop me filling a blog post with very little though. If nothing else, writing this post proves that nothing might be something – which pleases the anarchic part of my brain no end.

I’m trying to relax into the week. I quietly stressed all weekend about a conference call this morning, without telling anybody about it. Nobody noticed that I was distracted, which either means I’m a very good actor, or very few people really care about anybody other than themselves around here.

Life has been a continual slog recently. Weekdays filled with stress, and weekends filled with chores. I did manage to escape to watch our middle girl play rugby this past Sunday, but I often find myself wondering about life in general – if this is “it”. I know it’s ridiculous, because I’m very fortunate compared to most. I just feel a little bit lost sometimes. Maybe we all do from time to time.

There’s an old saying, isn’t there – something along the lines of “too much work, and too little play makes Jonathan a dull boy”.

It’s kind of difficult when you can’t remember the last time you had a night out, and when you do have a quiet moment, you think about work, or the latest struggle with the children.

Chocolate. Maybe chocolate is the answer. I don’t think we have any though, and the corner shop closed over an hour ago. Dammit. I wonder if sleep works like chocolate ?

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