If I didn’t know better, I would say the old desktop computer in the study has got it in for me tonight. In the last ten minutes it has crashed twice. Perhaps the computer is trying to drop hints about the wisdom of posting to the blog when I have very little to share. Obviously the computer has no idea how adept I am at continuing to write when I have nothing to write about. Some might call it a skill. Maybe.

The weekend has somewhat miraculously opened up before us. Various children’s activities have been cancelled, leaving us wondering what to do with ourselves. I’m sure the universe will invent something to keep us busy – it usually does a marvellous job of pulling the rug out from beneath us.

I can’t help feeling the blog posts have been rather pedestrian this week. I guess that’s what comes of working, doing chores, and pedalling your bike between here and there all week. If you have no real life as such, it’s difficult to tell any stories about strangers you sat near in a coffee shop, or quiet back streets you happened upon while hopelessly lost in a far-flung city.

I’ll try and think of something entertain, insightful, or idiotic to fill a blog post with tomorrow, I promise.

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