Another Mass Shooting

I’ve been reading various news stories today, following the mass shooting in Florida that happened yesterday. In the hours afterwards, all the usual suspects tweeted out their “thoughts and prayers”. I think everybody has realised that when people say “thoughts and prayers” they actually mean “doing nothing”.

Yet again, everybody is talking about gun control in America. Yet again. Nothing will happen – and I’m beginning to wonder if a huge part of the blame should be leveled at everybody – not just at the NRA, or the Government, or the perpetrators. Everybody.

Just because there is no law to stop you owning and carrying a firearm, does that mean you should own and carry one? “Oh, I’m just going to the corner shop to get some milk – better take a loaded handgun with me”. The obvious answer is of course that you might get mugged – but then you might argue that you could also get run over – so better to go to the shop in an armoured car, or even better, fortify your home and never leave it, leaving the minimum wage delivery guy on a zero-hour contract to get shot or run over en-route.

It’s madness. I’m reminded of the argument about smaller or larger cars, that comes from a similar mind-set. Apparently the best way to protect your children if venturing onto the road is to buy the biggest, strongest car you can – then in the event of an accident, you have a better chance of survival – you know, as against the people you hit and kill.

Why should it take a government to ban ridiculous things? If not for laws, would people do everything available to them up to the limit that law allows? You would think not – and you would be wrong.

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