Audibly Exhaling

It’s late on Friday evening, and I’m racing to write a blog post before Friday becomes Saturday. It’s not so much a case of wondering where the evening went, or where the day went – more a case of where on earth the entire week went. I realised earlier that I haven’t even written this week into the Bullet Journal.

This is what happens when I’m given a single project at work – I hit the ground running, and submerge into it – often at the expense of everything else. I obviously can’t say a lot about it, other than things are going well. I keep forgetting to eat lunch.

Thankfully home life has calmed down this week. I can’t remember how much I wrote about the drama at home, and can’t be bothered to read back through the recent past. I will admit there were a few moments where I began wondering where we might be headed, but thankfully they were short lived.

I’ve never been more thankful of my ability to ignore drama surrounding me, and continue putting one foot in front of the other.

Tomorrow we visit the in-laws for lunch. My mother-in-law is laid up with a running injury at the moment, so has invited us over to cause her son’s quiet Saturday to descend into mayhem. I may buy him some beer in way of apology.

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