Last Day of February

Where on earth is this year going? While it feels like I only just returned to the office after Christmas, somehow it’s already the end of February. Does life keep accelerating down-hill like this? Will I be saying the same thing about the end of March next year ?

I’m back in the office today. Busy responding to emails, and wondering what to do with myself. Work has come to a stuttering halt, after being told to stop working on the thing I was working on. Vague, I know.

Next week I’m traveling to the north of England – to sit in a conference room for the day. Two five hour train journeys and a night in a hotel in order to sit in a conference room for five or six hours. At least work will pay for a pizza from the restaurant next door, and breakfast in the hotel.

It’s been trying to snow here all day – we are just catching the edge of a storm system that has swept down from Siberia. If forecasts are correct, we’re going to get clobbered properly tomorrow and Friday. Snow here always causes chaos, because it snows so rarely in England. Nobody makes allowances for it – cars crash, railway signals freeze, power goes out – you name it. I see the mayhem unfolding, and wonder what my friend in Nova Scotia would make of it all.

I suppose I should stop writing this, and get on with updating the Bullet Journal. I haven’t written March in yet. I’ll put a big asterisk against the 3rd, because it will mark 45 years since the biggest nerd I know was born.

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