Snow Day

The local schools closed one-by-one yesterday evening. The children are all home today – as am I. My other half hasn’t been so lucky – she has walked to work at the local infant school, wrapped up like a polar explorer, oddly relishing the chance to get things done while the children are not there. I’m supposed to be “working from home” again, which really means “pretending to work from home”.

The snow has been steadily falling all morning, and is forecast to do so throughout the rest of the day. It speeds up, and it slows down, but it keeps falling. The temperature isn’t going to get above zero until some time tomorrow.

The interesting thing about the children being home? As soon as I put anything away, they get something out – and they never, ever clear up behind them. Miss 14 nearly set fire to the kitchen this morning, cooking bacon while also trying to make boiled eggs for Miss 12. I heard my other half walk into the kitchen and shout “WHAT THE HELL!?”. I wandered in after her, and could hardly see across the kitchen for smoke. Miss 14 started ranting about trying to do two things at the same time – apparently boiling an egg was a good reason not to see smoke belching out of the grill.

Why is it that when the kids don’t have to go to school, they are up and about at 7am? If today was a school day, we would be hauling crates of dynamite into their bedrooms. Having said that, it’s just passed 10:30am, with no sign of Miss 17. The amount she sleeps amazes me.

Coffee. I need a coffee. And a chocolate biscuit. I have lots of not very much to get on with. Coffee will help me with that.

In other news, I’m actually starting to feel better. After a succession of early nights, staying in the warm, drinking endless cups of tea, and eating quite a number of chocolate biscuits, my body seems to be winning the fight. Maybe I should start a niche blog about how to fix your body – filled with sanctimonious finger pointing posts and photos of myself in thick knit sweaters, holding cups of tea with mood lighting – you know, just like all those blogs I try to avoid.

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