Pretending to be Busy

I finished writing technical documentation for the project I’m working on a little after 11am this morning, and have been scratching around for anything to do ever since. There seems little point in starting development work, given that I’m only here for a few hours – next week I’m off to Germany again.

The hotel is booked. The flights are booked. The taxi to the airport is booked. I just need to fill a suitcase with clothes this weekend – which of course means washing half my clothes, because I don’t own that many in the first place.

I need to remember to load the Fire tablet with TV shows and movies – streaming isn’t an option in Germany unless I use a VPN to tunnel through the regional restrictions. I saw that “Mozart in the Jungle” has just dropped another season – other than that, I’m hopelessly clueless about most recent TV shows. Most evenings I end up either writing, reading, or tinkering with computer stuff. This of course flies in the face of my plans to sit in the hotel bar, and pretend to be sociable.

Coffee. I need a coffee.

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