Every Other Day

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of posting to the blog every other day. I’m not sure how it happened, but it does feel less forced. I really don’t lead an interesting enough life to post every day.

I’m just trying to think if I have anything to report of consequence (a few moments pass while I frown, and my fingers hover over the keyboard).

I have tomorrow and Monday off work for Easter – I’m hoping to see Ready Player One in the morning – dragging Miss 17 along with me, then heading to Wagamama to eat noodles, and decompress. I read the book several years ago, and it has remained a favourite ever since. There is a showing just before lunch – with a little luck I’ll be able to get her up and out in time.

I’m trying not to think too much about work – it has very much dominated my thoughts this week, and will for the next several months. Because of the cerebral nature of the work I do, it’s difficult to walk away – I often find myself turning problems over in my head while walking into town with my children.

Anyway. It’s getting late. I keep promising myself that I’ll find time to read, then completely ignoring my own wishes. Not good.

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