For a Friend

There is a laptop on the desk in the junk room – it’s been there since yesterday evening. It belongs to a teaching assistant at the school where my other half works, and arrived at our house after spending two weeks at PC World, where all they achieved was locking him out of his own computer, and then giving him a refund. Needless to say, within half an hour I had broken into it, and set about undoing everything they had done to it.

I had only intended to break into it, but when I heard the back-story – about how little the owner of the laptop knows about computers, and what PC World did to his computer, I decided to go the extra mile. He’ll get a computer back with no crapware, all of the Windows updates installed, and a few extras ready to go – things like LibreOffice, Acrobat Reader, and so on. Quietly, I’m furious that PC World did this to him.

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