Increasingly Antisocial

Next time you are walking along the street, look up from your phone and start counting how many people are also wandering along with their nose in their phone. It’s scary. It’s the primary reason I’m ditching my smart-phone for a feature phone in 2018.

I’ve ordered a Nokia 3310 from Amazon, which will arrive in a few days. It would have arrived today, but I didn’t pay attention to the “Express Delivery” check-box on the order confirmation page.

It’s going to be interesting. Just as “in-box zero” suggested the idea of emptying our in-boxes several years ago, this goes a step further and divorces me from the stream of notifications that continually tug away at my attention span like a loose thread. I might finally get around to reading a few of the books stacked on the shelf behind me, and can’t help thinking that’s a good thing.

Postscript – the third-party Amazon supplier posted the phone out quickly, and it arrived this morning. They sent the wrong phone – the cheaper (non-3G) version, with a cheap copy mains charger thrown in a jiffy bag with it. I am now having to return it for a refund at my own cost, and have re-ordered directly from Amazon. And people wonder why Amazon are steamrollering small businesses.

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