Eight Thousand Lines

I wrote code from the moment I sat down this morning, straight through until the moment I got up to come home. I stopped for a few minutes to make a coffee, but other than that – just pushed on through. I can’t tell you what the code does, and even if I did, you might fall asleep mid-sentence. Don’t worry – I get that a lot.

Although the chances to write code are becoming increasingly rare, it’s still the thing I enjoy the most – conjuring a tool that does something from imagination, knowledge, and experience.

Anyway. Enough about work.

I got sucked into watching ‘Night at the Museum’ this evening. While watching I remarked to the children about ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’ – a book I read when I was their age. It’s up there with ‘Stig of the Dump’, and ‘Peter Pan’ in my list of favourite childhood books. Of course now I’m searching Amazon, and debating on buying it for my Kindle. And that’s why I need to stay away from Amazon. Thank god we don’t have an Echo – imagine how tempting it would be to just shout ‘Hey Alexa, can you get a copy of (insert book name) and put put it on my Kindle?’

I’m sitting in the living room writing this. My other half is watching NCIS, which appears to always be playing on a channel somewhere, at any time of day. I’m sure if you view the programme guide anywhere in the world, you’ll find re-runs of CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, and Big Bang Theory playing simultaneously on some channel or another.

I’m still amazed that ‘Community’ didn’t become more popular. I discovered it during season two after a co-worker tipped me off, and quickly became addicted. I still miss the antics of Jeff, Britta, Annie, Pearce, Troy, Shirley and Abed now. I introduced my eldest daughter to it too, and the various tropes from the show still continue in our house. When Miss 17 messes something up, she has ‘Britta’d’ it. When we make coffee for each other, we sing ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’ upon delivery.

I rarely watch TV these days. Sure, I catch the odd half episode of whatever is running in the living room, but quickly lose interest, or have other things to get on with – washing dishes, folding clothes, or tinkering with the old computer in the junk room. I’m often castigated for playing around with computers, but then I get random calls from friends – such as last week when a WordPress website got hacked – and I appear Flynn-like from the shadows to put things right.

Remember the scene in Tron Legacy where Flynn arrives at the nightclub in the grid, and roots the entire system? Somebody I know said that was me when they saw the movie. I suppose I should be flattered.

Anyway. It’s getting late. I didn’t set out to write this sprawling brain dump. If you made it this far, I better go buy some more medals.

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