From a Distance

Making friends on the internet is a curious thing. While some of us are open books, posting our daily adventures for anybody to read, many are not. While some leave comments, likes, or find a way to contact those they cross paths with, many choose not to. We know they are out there – the various analytical tools record the ripples they leave behind.

Here’s the thing though – among the sea of people swirling past, occasionally you make metaphorical eye contact with somebody, and the seeds of a potential friendship are sewn. Of course then it’s down to us to get over ourselves and make the connection happen – and I imagine that’s why the internet can be such a lonely place at times. We are all a little like Marvin – Nemo’s Dad – leaving the cover of the reef for a few moments before retreating to safety.

I remember standing in a bar with friends many years ago, and making eye contact with a woman across the bar. I looked back, and met her gaze more than once. I didn’t do anything, and I’ve sometimes wondered ‘what if?’. I imagine everybody has a similar story – a sliding door moment from their past – perhaps many moments.

What am I trying to say here? Maybe that taking a chance is worth it.

You might not meet the love of your life, but you might make a friend – and in this lonely kingdom of high castles that we have raced to construct, friendship may be more rare and valuable than ever before.

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