One Foot in Front of the Other

My entire life seems to be a continual treadmill at the moment. Get up, shower, go to work, stress out for several hours, go grocery shopping, come home, eat, wash up, decompress, write a blog post, go to bed. Again, and again, and again.

It doesn’t help that I’m carrying an enormous project on my shoulders single handed at work again. I suppose in some ways working alone means I don’t have to trust anybody, which is preferable to having to watch anybody else’s back.

I bumped into my boss in the kitchen the other day, and he took an interest in what I’m working on, in that way bosses do. He remarked that I’m ‘good at the high burn-rate projects’. I thought ‘yes, I’m good at being an obsessive, OCD asshole that jumps into unfathomably deep holes, and works like a lunatic to invent a way out without questioning if I should really be trying this hard’. I didn’t say that though – I just smiled, and tried to remember what drinks I was making for who.

I’m terrible at remembering the drinks round in the office. Thankfully most people seem to ask for the same thing every time – if they didn’t, it would become a lottery. I always tend to have some sort of epiphany while waiting for the kettle to boil – either the solution to something I’m working on, or an idea for a blog post. I never write any of it down, so forget most of it.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could rewind our daydreams – to recall the things we forget.

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