Dark Skies

I got up from my office chair this afternoon, and realised I hadn’t got up since arriving in the office in the morning. I knew this because my legs didn’t seem to be too keen about the idea of bending, which is odd given that I cycle to work every day.

After wandering out onto the landing just outside the office (I’m on the third floor), I gazed out at the various workers outside renovating a nearby building, and shook my head at the blanket of dark clouds overhead. It has rained almost every day for weeks. Not heavy rain – just the consistent, insistent rain that pervades your entire being.

I also took a selfie. The first in weeks. Months even. I will admit that the choice of location and angle purposely cropped out co-workers, computers, and screens. I live in fear of releasing intellectual property.

I’m not really sure why I stopped taking photos. Not having a smart-phone of my own any more is probably a major factor. At the beginning of the year, I gave my phone to my other half – she dropped her iPhone late last year, and needed it far more than me. I bought a little Nokia 3310, and wrote about the experience at the time. Here’s the thing though – my work gives me a smartphone, with a fully-paid-up contract. It occurred to me today that I should perhaps use it a bit more, and not care so much about using it only for professional purposes.

While standing on the landing, looking out at the rain, I installed Twitter, WordPress, and Tumblr, I took a photo of myself. It’s attached to this post.

I always feel incredibly self-conscious – taking ‘selfies’ – which probably explains why I so rarely do it. Sure, I’ve taken macro photos of my eyes for the ‘Freyeday’ meme in the past, but full-on mugshots have become a rarity.

People don’t really want to see each other’s faces, do they? You would be far more interested in seeing the world around me, wouldn’t you? Maybe I’m over-thinking it all. Maybe I should just take more photos, and throw them at the wall like spaghetti – watching to see which stick better than others.

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