Just a Few Words

For the last few weeks I have been working on a colossal project. I turn up at the office, sit at my desk, and work straight through until I get up to leave. Sometimes I make a coffee for my co-workers, and in doing so realise I haven’t gotten up for two or three hours.

The down side to all of this is that I invariably arrive home with little or no enthusiasm to fill this blog with entertaining anecdotes – because they don’t tend to happen when you’re staring at source code, or diagrams all day.

For the last few evenings I’ve tried to burn the candle at both ends, and failed spectacularly. This morning I woke with the alarm clock at 7am, and watched the minutes tick past for half an hour while contemplating phoning in sick. I arrived in the office twenty minutes late, and worked straight through lunch to make up for it – or at least that’s what I told myself. I always work through lunch.

It’s difficult to put things down when you’re a software developer. There’s always just one more thing to get working before you take a break – or one more thing to re-do that you did several days ago.

Anyway. I’m having a night off from everything. I’m going to sit in the lounge, watch junk TV, and then read a book. I might reply to email (read: of COURSE I will respond to email, because this is me, and I can’t leave an unread email alone for longer than a few seconds).

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