This week is flying by. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m continually busy, or because time has spontaneously shortened without anybody realising. I’ve worked through lunch every day so far this week. Not good.

Miss 14 spent much of yesterday in London doing a scavenger hunt with the girl guides. I will admit to looking in on Google Maps throughout the day, watching her progress – wondering where she was, and how she was getting on. The thought of a group of young teens wandering the streets, riding the underground trains, and jumping on busses quietly terrified me. She was fine. She is very tired tonight, but bursting with stories about her adventures.

Apparently there are selfies somewhere with a member of the Metropolitan Police. I doubt the officer in question will ever see this, but thankyou for humouring them.

Miss 12 becomes Miss 13 tomorrow. I’m bracing myself. Quite apart from heading to the local trampoline park with her friends while I’m at work, she will be joining all of the social networks – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are at the top of her list. I’ll choose not to make a very public comment about those parents that assist their children is signing up for social networks before they are 13.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the kettle, a mug, and some coffee.

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