I finally filled in the Contact page. Feel free to go follow, subscribe, add, stalk, or whatever else it is you do at Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. I’ll probably regret this later and remove it all – so you better be quick.

And yes, this does mean I’m changing my mind about the social internet. Given the various news stories flying around, and having spent the first three months of this year carrying a candy-bar phone around instead of a battery guzzling smartphone, it’s given me some much needed perspective, distance, and time to think.

I’m not going to become yet another insane life-streaming vlogger, gadget unboxing maniac, clothes haul exhibitionist, or foodie hipster. I’m just going to carry on being me – occasionally ranting on Twitter, sometimes posting little square photos into Instagram, and emptying my head into WordPress and Tumblr almost every day. I’m still undecided about Facebook, other than keeping it at arms length.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now, I don’t blame you.

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