The Rugby Tournament

After scraping ourselves out of bed this morning, we all set about filling the car with boot-bags, mouth-guards, and collosal quantities of food before setting off towards a rugby tournament in London.

What can I say? The sun shone, the girls worked their backsides off, and more importantly they had fun. I’ve never seen their respective teams laugh so much. Sure, they didn’t reach the knockout stages of the the pools they played in, but they showed huge amounts of spirit.

The difference between our team and ‘the others’, for want of a better term, was best illustrated at lunchtime, when they congregated together under the posts of one of the pitches, and put on a dance routine to a bluetooth speaker one of them had brought along. While other teams frowned, and practiced passing, our girls sang, danced, and laughed until they could no longer move. They might have lost on the field, but I can’t help feeling they won by every other measure.

This evening we are all tired. After arriving home I walked into town with Miss 13 to get groceries, then set about making dinner. A brief consultation with my other half earlier in the evening had suggested ‘anything that doesn’t require my involvement’ (she does most of the cooking), so we very quickly decided on baked potatoes.

I’ll keep quiet about the bottle of wine that vanished while cooking dinner. Of course now all I want to do is fall asleep, but I’ve not posted to the blog yet, and not caught up with Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or anything else.

It’s funny – I often think about days like today as ‘having no weekend’, but it’s not really true. If ‘having a weekend’ means sitting around and doing nothing, I would have no stories to tell.

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