Reaching Out

If you see a friend request on Facebook from me, I decided to give up on the whole ‘cut Facebook back to close family and friends’ thing, because I ended up adding a few of you back anyway – which made it all kind of pointless.

I also read a great post on Facebook by a far flung friend that made a lot of sense about the platform not being the problem at all – it’s all the insane family members that turn everything to hell.

I’m thinking that if I connect with enough people from here on Facebook, I can drown out the minority with you guys, who will of course become the majority, and transform Facebook into a more bearable place to hang out. Maybe.

It’s worth a shot, isn’t it ?

If you haven’t had a friend request from me yet, it’s most likely because I haven’t found you – visit my Facebook Profile, and click add if you would like to add me.

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