Strange Dreams

It’s rare that I remember dreams. I sometimes wonder if we only remember them if they happen just before we wake up – that’s what happened this morning. Of course the dream makes little sense in retrospect, but at the time it seemed very real – so much so that I’m writing this.

I was in America – visiting a store that sold lots of different things. My youngest daughter was with me, and the store was very busy. The store consisted of lots of small rooms, each filled with various things – it might have been several houses knocked into one. Not long after making my way in the door, I lost my daughter in the crowd, and spent ages looking for her.

In the middle of the crowd, I saw a friend from the internet. She appeared to work in the store – she was wearing the store uniform, and waved at me through the sea of people. Her smile lit the room as we slowly made our way through the crowd towards each other. I’m not sure how long the hug went on for – it seemed like there was more to it than just a hug – ‘Thunderbolt City’ from Four Weddings comes to mind.

We stood and held each other for some time in the middle of the crowd – I can’t remember what we talked about – it almost seemed like everybody and everything else dropped out of focus.

Suddenly I was awake, squinting at the clock radio, which burst into life a few moments later with the local radio station. I rolled towards my other half, who was rubbing her eyes, and murmured ‘I’ve just had the strangest dream’

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