Work Work Work

I’m writing this from the junk room at home. I got back about an hour ago, and am still decompressing. My other half and the younger girls are at their dance class – they will be home soon – Miss 17 is watching some kind of Anime series on Netflix – I can hear excitable Japanese voices and thunderous sword clash noises every so often.

Today I completed two days worth of projected work in one day. Several thousand lines of programming, and countless flowcharts, form designs and other stuff – all of which means nothing to anybody except myself. I didn’t stop or get up from my chair from the moment I sat down this morning, until the moment I got up to leave. Not exactly a healthy way of life. The programming ran first time. Programming very rarely works first time.

Throughout the day I listened to dance music, because it has no lyrics. If I listen to songs I know, they distract me.

Before writing this, I had a quick look on the various stock photo places to see if there was a nice photo for ‘programming’. Why do stock photos of ‘programming’ or ‘software development’ always have photos of Apple Macs ? Anybody who works in the industry knows damn well that Macs are in the vast minority (unless you’re a hipster running Sublime Text or Leadpad while sitting in a coffee shop, trying to look intellectual).

Anyway. Family just got home. Time to go make dinner.

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