Tiredness Abounds

I’m not sure that I have a blog post in me tonight – and yet here I am, sitting in the junk room, tapping away at the keyboard. I’m grinning – remembering a quote I once saw – ‘I have nothing to say, and I’m saying it’.

The weeks are blurring into one another at the moment. Every weekday has become the same – filled with a head-long sprint towards a deadline in the summer, only it’s not really ‘the’ deadline – it’s ‘a’ deadline. There will be more. While cycling to and from the office I turn things over in my head, and start drawing parallels with Don Quixote. Perhaps my windmills are built by my own imagination.

After hitting publish on this post I will go brush my teeth, grab the book I’ve been reading, and head to bed. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll find time to catch up with the blogs I follow, and the friends I have neglected recently.

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