Sunday 6th May 2018

Yesterday (after going for a madcap ride in Dad’s new car – a Jaguar XF), I walked down to Talland with Laura, and then over to Polperro. We both got sunburned, but it was a fun day. Ice creams at Talland, followed by a cheese ploughmans at the Blue Peter in the middle of Polperro. We had a look around all of the gift shops, but didn’t find anything – Mum and Dad are on about taking Laura over to a department store to go shopping today.

On the way back from Polperro we stopped at Talland again, and had a drink in the beach cafe – and laughed at a guy trying to impress his girlfriend on the sand – playing catch with a ball, and diving around theatrically, catching the ball. She kept throwing the ball into the rockpools on purpose – or at least, it looked like she was doing it on purpose.

My feet were dead last night – I haven’t walked that far, and in that kind of heat for a long time. I think Laura was knackered too. I ran “View Ranger” on my phone while we were walking – I think the walk had something like 750m of climbing and descent throughout the day. No wonder my legs were aching.

Last night I sat and watched “The Last Jedi” with Dad – I signed into Amazon on his TV to watch it. I was surprised he hadn’t seen it.

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