Everything Changes

After a day or two turning the idea over and over in my head, and an afternoon spent figuring out what needed to be done, I have migrated this blog over from Evernote and Postach.io to Blogger. After the wave of a magic wand, I migrated the comments over via Disqus, hooked a subdomain up to the blog with the help of CloudFlare, connected Google Analytics, re-wired Mailchimp, and setup Feedburner.

I think we’re good to go.

So – I’m back at Blogger again – after a journey around the internet that took me through just about every blogging platform you might shake a many-pronged stick at. I still won’t be writing a daily journal of mundane and forgettable thoughts – but I will try to post something insightful, thoughtful, or amusing (to me) at least once a week. The primary reasons for using Blogger are that it is free, and it is free. Did I mention that it is free? Good. Sure, the writing interface is like something from a museum, and Google might pull the plug on it at any moment, but for my purposes (writing forgettable nonsense now and again) it’s plenty good enough.

If you saw the email notification of a new blog post from me, and wondered what arcane subject has caused me to bash out a thousand words this weekend, I can only apologise. In between work, chores, child wrangling, and unexpectedly buying pet hamsters, I haven’t had a great deal of time to contemplate anything deeper than what we might be having for the next meal. The next post will be better. I hope.

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