Little or Nothing

After scraping myself out of bed a little after 9am this morning – perhaps the latest I have been up in many months – I busied myself with the usual round of chores for the first few hours of the day – washing up, tidying up, cutting the grass, and so on. I even cleaned the fridge out (read: threw almost it’s entire contents into the wheelie bin outside). Beyond that, I really haven’t done much at all – I’m struggling to think what I spent the rest of the day doing.

Tinkering. There was quite a bit of tinkering.

Both the old computer in the study, and the laptop I inherited from the children are running “Elementary OS” now – a distribution of Linux that promises to make an old computer fairly useable. After monkeying with it throughout the afternoon, I would have to agree. I’ll also admit to messing around with the Amiga emulator again – I really do need to try it out as a distraction-free writing platform at some point. There’s something about running a program on a computer that can do nothing but write words onto the screen – no tabbing to a web browser, and no endless scrolling of music tracks.

I fell into the vast spotify black hole for a time late this afternoon. It all started with the soundtrack from the movie “Country Strong”, which I have never seen. Within minutes I had stumbled from Garret Hedlund, through to Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, and on to innumerable singers and songwriters I had not heard before. Somewhere along the way I spotted Bethany Joy Lenz, and spent a few minutes listening to “Leaving Town Alive”. Go search for it – you’ll like it. It’s on Soundcloud.

I love songs that tell a story I can identify with – particularly when there are parallels with my own life. Songs like “Gravity Happens”, by Kate Voegele, and “Human”, by Christina Perri.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a musical rabbit hole to go jump down.

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