Bank Holiday Monday

It’s a bank holiday in the UK today, so everybody is out in their gardens cutting hedges, moving lawns, and all those other things that are unofficially on the “things to do on a day off” list. Of course I’m already ahead of the game after yesterday’s burst of activity, so can gloat somewhat – or at least so I thought. My other half just appeared downstairs and immediately started talking about filling the car with stuff from the back garden, and taking it to the local rubbish tip.

Quite apart from the inevitable day spent following orders, you might notice that my blog has moved again. Back to I’ve re-wired the RSS, email notifications, and comments – so nothing has been lost. I should never have moved it in the first place. The whole point of trying was to take away the tinkering – to make it simple, straightforward, and easy to post – to remove the baggage of adding photos, or playing the social media game. I’m just going to post my words, and not think about the rest of it.

(of course the guys at may have had a fit this morning when they saw five hundred posts land in their server in a matter of seconds – I’m holding off firing the other four thousand at them)

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