Home in the Morning

I made it to the end of three days on-site in Germany. There is already talk of further visits later in the year – another in two weeks that is already booked, followed by two weeks in July, and two in September. Looks like I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time over here. There are also rumors of next year.

I’m purposely doing nothing tonight. I picked up a stomach bug yesterday – either I caught it on the flight out, or in the office. I’m drinking leftover wine, half-listening to a music channel on the TV, and packing things back into my case. I leave early tomorrow – I think I’ll be back in the UK by late morning, and will then face the adventure of early afternoon trains to get home.

I’m shattered. It’s surprising how much it takes out of you – being in front of the client all the time – especially when they are asking for things that are not “out of the box”. Of course that’s why they pay somebody like me – because the “box” doesn’t really exist when you involve somebody like me, and they know that. It’s kind of like the Ian Malcolm quote from Jurassic Park though – “they were so preoccupied with wether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”.

Anyway. I’ve still only read about a hundred pages of the book I brought with me. Maybe I’ll sit quietly and try to read the rest of it tonight. Perhaps another glass of wine first though.

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