Tick Tock Tea

After surviving a couple of days drinking water, and hopefully making it through the withdrawal from tea and coffee, it occurred to me this evening that I could drink redbush tea, because it has no caffeine in it.

Redbush tea, also known as “Rooibos”, supposedly has all sorts of health benefits, which are of course pedaled by health shops the world over. They proudly claim that it is rich in “polyphenols”, that it lowers your blood pressure, improves bone health, and even helps treat colic and diabetes. All I know is I quite like redbush tea – I always have done. Years ago I was sick, and couldn’t face drinking normal tea or coffee, but strangely redbush tea was fine. I seem to remember adding honey and sugar to it too, which probably turns it from something that’s good for you into something that’s remarkably bad for you – although I do seem to remember that honey is a very efficient way of getting glucose into your body.

I should probably mention that I didn’t study biology, or sports science, so if I sound at all knowledgeable, it’s entirely by accident.

Depending on where you live in the world, and what brands sit on the shelves in your nearby supermarkets, you might be wondering why I have titled this post “Tick Tock Tea” – it happens to be the brand name of the most prevalent redbush tea in the UK.

ticktocktea.jpgI have a red box – like the one at the top left. I didn’t actually know they make other variations, so now I’m wondering where I might procure some from. Please excuse me while I pay a visit to Amazon.

p.s. I promise to write about something vaguely interesting soon.

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