I stopped drinking tea and coffee today. Completely.

I haven’t been feeling very well for the last week, and while that is almost certainly down to a bug picked up in Germany, it got me thinking. I often laugh with friends that I’m pretty much “immune” to caffeine – I can drink an espresso before bed, and still fall asleep immediately. Throughout the day at work I will often drink three, four, or even five cups of coffee. It’s ridiculous. So I just stopped.

Thankfully I don’t really have an “addictive” element to my make-up – I can take or leave most things. Of course stopping drinking coffee so suddenly has resulted in headaches this afternoon, but paracetamol will take care of that until my body gets used to the idea.

Who knows – perhaps substituting tea and coffee for water will do me some good in the long run. I’ve always known that drinking a pint of water before bed cleans your skin up within a few days – now I’m wondering what impact removing team and coffee might have in the long run. I guess we’ll find out.

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