I seem to have fallen off the “post every day” horse quite spectacularly in recent weeks. I’m thinking this is a good thing. I know one or two people look out for my posts, and that’s all sorts of wonderful, but if I have little to report, it always seems a bit forced.

I was going to write a long rambling post about struggling with life in general at the moment, but then caught myself before entering into a couple of thousand words about the selfishness of children, the woes of parenting, and the nightmare of carrying an enormous project single handed at work.

Nobody wants to read a ranty monologue.

It’s so easy to let things get on top of you, isn’t it. To lose perspective. To start looking around you at the lives of others, and wishing you had a little of what they appear to have. That’s just it though, isn’t it – it’s what they appear to have. Everybody has an untold story on the internet – it’s usually directly related to the reason their posts arrive in the early hours of the morning.

At the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in London, Sir Tim Berners Lee sat at a NeXT terminal in the middle of the Olympic stadium, and typed out the message “This is for everybody” – re-affirming the reasons the World Wide Web was brought into being. I can’t help drawing parallels between that sentiment, and the unlikely group of friends I have forged around the world. The internet is many things to many people, but I think perhaps the connections it helps forge in the dead of night when we’re busy sitting in the dark, overthinking everything, is one of it’s better attributes.

Now if only I could find more time to invest in those unlikely friendships.

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