This morning I was supposed to be tagging along with my other half to visit a nearby town to buy some clothes. Somehow the trip never happened. This kind of thing happens to me a lot – where I plan around something happening, and then the thing doesn’t happen. This is usually a cascading thing too – where the rescheduled thing doesn’t happen either – several times in a row.

Anyway. This afternoon we headed off to a picnic at our youngest daughter’s school. We attended last year – her first year at the school – and had the best time playing games with the kids, and making friends with other parents. Her school is out-of-town, so the chances to make friends is far less likely than with our other daughters. I was kind of disappointed that only one or two of the families from our daughter’s school year turned up this time – she didn’t say as much, but I think she was quite disappointed.

What else has been happening ?

I have spent the evening monkeying with an old laptop, turning it into a Commodore Amiga. There is of course no practical purpose for doing so – it just fascinates me. I thought about taking it to Germany with me next week, to give me something to tinker with on the evenings, but then thought better of it.

I want next week to be all about the work in the daytime, and about having a rest in the evenings. I’m going to take the Kindle with me, and read. I’ve already checked the weather forecast for Frankfurt – it’s going to be hot during the evenings, so I’ll take shorts and shirts this time. I’m sure nobody will mind me sitting in cafes and bars quietly reading my book, or writing about the world unfolding around me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I may carry myself off to bed. It turns out that being in the fresh air all afternoon causes all manner of yawns and tiredness. Sleep may not be far away.

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