What’s in my Bags?

Here we are again – packing bags ahead of an early morning taxi ride to the airport. It’s all becoming a bit routine. I thought it might be interesting (to me at least) to go through the contents of my clothes bag, and backpack. I suppose it’s worth noting that I’m travelling out on Monday, and back on Friday – so you have some idea how long the various things I’m carrying have to last.

In the suitcase:

  • One pair of black shoes (for work)
  • One pair of dark khaki trousers (for work)
  • Three long sleeve white shirts (one for each day in the office)
  • Four sets of underwear and socks – fresh for each day
  • Raincoat (probably not needed)
  • Four short sleeve casual shirts (for evenings, and the journey home)
  • Spare pair of cargo shorts

I will be wearing a shirt and cargo shorts on the way, and sandals on my feet – so the idea will be to use the sandals during the evenings throughout the week. I’ll also use the same belt both for cargo shorts, and for work trousers.

The work backpack has all the electronics stuff in it, and will stay with me on the flights – the clothes will get checked in at the airport. The backpack has the following in it:

  • Work laptop, charger, and external hard drive
  • Two UK to European plug adapters
  • Bullet Journal, and two pens (used to write notes in meetings)
  • Amazon Fire tablet (filled with movies to watch)
  • Amazon Kindle (easier to carry than a paper book)
  • USB to Micro USB cable and charger

That’s pretty much it – other than a washbag, that I’ll pack in the morning. The washbag usually just has a hairbrush, some deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a couple of razors, and some shaving gel in it. I’m pretty low maintenance. I’ll of course have the usual things in my pockets too – passport, wallet, and keys.

I nearly forgot – I’m also packing some paracetamol in the wash bag. During a recent visit I had to find an Apotheker to buy headache tablets from – you can’t just buy them from the supermarket as you can in the UK. I doubt I’ll have any issues this time though, because I’ve stopped drinking tea and coffee, which I imagine gave rise to the headache in the first place.


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