A Few More Words

Very few words this evening, because it feels like I’m running out at the moment (of words, I mean). Perhaps an early night, a good book, and a long sleep will change my mood somewhat.

One more day in the office, then I fly home on Friday morning. After talking to my other half, the weekend is almost certainly going to be about putting Miss 17 back together again.

We’ve been here before, haven’t we.

I spoke to her on the phone earlier, and talked about a trip to the comic book store in London with some unexpected pocket money. Covent Garden, Manga and Sushi may be just the distraction she needs from life continually dumping on her.

It’s funny really, isn’t it – no matter how much our children might disappoint us with poor decisions, if anything at all happens to them, we walk straight into the batting cage for them, every damn time.

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