In Limbo

I commented recently that I had fallen off the blogging horse. The months of daily posts came to a crashing end, replaced with television, books, video games – anything but writing. If this “not writing” thing is a hole in the ground, it still feels like I’m in it. I’m not so much struggling to get up – more gazing at the wall as you might when you wake on a morning – knowing you need to get up eventually, but not quite summoning the will to do so for the moment.

Of course it doesn’t help that it’s been so hot here recently. It rained pretty consistently for the first several months of the year, and then switched to “second sun of Krypton” mode. This appears to have created perfect conditions for the insect world to have something of a baby-boom year. I’m sitting in the junk room writing this, and have just lit an incense stick to hopefully dissuade mosquitoes from adding me to their menu for the evening.

I feel like I’m in limbo at the moment. I was in Germany last week with work, I’m home this week, and I will be back in Germany next week – staying at the same hotel as usual, going through the same routine as usual. I will fly out mid-morning on Monday, get up ridiculously early each day while on-site, and then fly home on Friday.

One of the curious benefits of traveling recently is I’ve finally started finding time to read again. I used to read all the time – we have bookshelves dotted around the house filled with evidence (because who on earth gives books away?) – everything from Douglas Adams, to Charles Dickens, Tolstoy, J K Rowling, Robert Heinlein, and countless more. I still prefer reading paper books, but also appreciate how easy the Kindle is to carry with me while traveling. The Kindle is dangerous too though – within moments you can buy any book you like – and another – and another.

With books, hot summer evenings, and burning incense sticks in mind, you’ll excuse me if one of the reasons for not posting quite so often is because I have my nose in a book.

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