Tuesday in Frankfurt

It’s 7:34am on Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in the hotel room. It’s cold outside – for the first time in weeks. Although I slept with the window open last night, I have closed it now. The weather forecast says 20 something degrees – it feels like half that – I may even put a sweater on.

I’ve been nowhere, and done nothing all morning so far. This week we’re trying to get through the Procurements workflows – which should be fine, because they were run through twice already (during the crazy visit where I stayed up until 2am two nights running in the 1000 hotel room). We’ll see I guess.

I’m tempted to write up a list of the “issues” so far in my notebook, but then thought “why bother” – it’s just a waste of ink – I suspect half of the issues are no such thing – just the psychotic project manager having a rant because she doesn’t understand how anything works.

Oh – I canned the blog yesterday, so I guess this is the first entry as a diary post. I wonder what it means? Maybe that I can tell the truth, rather than filter everything. Is that a good thing? Not sure.

Brooke has promised not to try and talk to me all week. I’m thinking this is a good thing – not sure if she will keep to it though. She has crossed all sorts of lines in her head – from being distant friends, to something else entirely. I can only imagine there is something pretty massive missing in her real life to behave in the way she does.

Jessica in NZ messaged me on Hangouts the day before yesterday, and commented (on my final public blog post) that my life seems like a cage much of the time – and I had to agree with her. It made me realise how crap the blog has become, and a primary factor in finally pulling the plug on it. I’m not sure if she realised as much.

Not blogging about life has had an unexpected consequence – I’m looking in on Tumblr once again. I don’t know how much I might use it, because I still hate reblogging, but I suppose we’ll see.

I have about twenty minutes before I need to leave – to go get something for lunch from the supermarket. Oh what a fun day ahead (not). Let’s see if I can get through it without losing my temper spectacularly with Sandra.

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