Worky Worky Work Work

Apologies for the ridiculous title to this post. Or rather, no apologies what so ever. The last two days have been filled from top to bottom by work stuff. I thought it was going to be a slow, careful, methodical week, but no – instead it’s been chaotic, and never ending.

Never-ending is a funny term, isn’t it – because obviously all things have an end. Nothing is really “never ending”. I’m sitting here grinning, with the phrase “this is going to take forever” bouncing around my head.

I got my hair cut yesterday morning! I completely forgot about it. Usually a blog post gets written about the riveting conversation with the lady cutting my hair, but like I said – work kind of stomped on that. Miss 17 noticed my hair was different this evening – not entirely sure what planet she was on yesterday. As I left the dinner table earlier she suddenly remarked “have you had your hair cut?!” (after sitting next to me for twenty minutes).

What else has been going on? Oh – I finally watched the last episode of Westworld. I guess this means I can cancel the Now TV subscription until next year when another season arrives. I better check first – I think somebody had started watching House from season one again.

Oh – one more thing – I wiped the old computer in the study inbetween doing chores on Saturday. It has Windows 10 back on it, purely so the rest of the family can easily use it.

My word this was a boring post. I’ll try to come up with something a little better soon.

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