I’m at home today. I’ve been suffering with balance problems all week, and they seem to be linked with tiredness. I admitted defeat this morning, and decided to stay at home – probably the first day off sick all year. I foresee a day spent washing clothes, and reading books – and maybe posting to the blog.

I’ve been thinking about online friendships recently – about how distant they have all become. Once upon a time I would check in with friends regularly – using email, instant messaging, commenting on blogs, and so on. Slowly but surely, all of those distant friendships seem to be disappearing. I’m not sure if I’m the architect of their demise, or if they are – I just know that if I don’t make the effort, many of those friendships seem to ebb away.

I keep coming back to “The Celestine Prophecy” in my head – a book I read perhaps twenty years ago, about the transfer of energy between people. It described some people as constructing a “drama” – a means to attract others in order to feed off their energy. I see it going on all the time on the social internet, and wonder if anybody else also notices.

Anyway. I should probably go make a drink and find somewhere quiet to sit with my book.

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