A Case of the Mondays

I’m back drinking coffee again. Or at least, I am this morning. I had a cup yesterday too. Before you roll your eyes, and say “I knew you wouldn’t last”, it’s been over a month. I’m not returning to four or five cups a day, because that’s ridiculous (and was ridiculous). Maybe just a cup now and again, because I like coffee.

In other news, I’m sitting at work, avoiding getting on with something I know I should be getting on with. Story of my life. The huge project I’ve been working on since February continues apace – and it still looks very much like a vertical climb. It doesn’t help that I’m working on it single handed, so if I drop the ball, the entire project falls to the floor. Not fun, especially with the entire workforce of a significant company starting to use the stuff I’ve been inventing.


It’s heading towards 11am, and I still haven’t done much besides plan what I’m going to do this week, file timesheets for the last few weeks, and drink the coffee I already mentioned. Where does the time go ? Is this a case of the Mondays? Probably.

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