I didn’t get up until nearly 10am this morning. This is unheard of, but not altogether unexpected after not falling asleep until 3am. Of course now my body is getting it’s own back on me – throwing headaches at me like a baseball pitcher, shouting “let’s see how you deal with THIS, asshole”.

It’s been a quiet day today. Thankfully. While my other half and the younger children spent the day on a school field across town preparing for the summer camp they help run each year, I did a few chores, watched TV, played video games, and tried (for once) to not do anything too constructive.

I tried to update the books I have read on Goodreads earlier, but have forgotten what I’ve read in the last few months. I looked around at the shelves behind me, and almost laughed at my own forgetfulness. I’m the same way with movies and music – I forget the names of artists, but know their tracks.

This evening I sat with Miss 17 and watched old episodes of the TV comedy “Suburgatory” together. After the first episodes I decided we could do with some snacks, so made a late night trip to the store – returning with fizzy drinks, chocolate, and ice cream. We watched another couple of episodes while stuffing chocolate before calling it a night. We have the same sense of humor. “Suburgatory”, and “Community” are our go-to guilty-pleasure TV shows.

I still need to finish watching “Awkward”. I watched the first couple of seasons while travelling with work a couple of years ago, and never went back to it. There’s another season of “Mozart in the Jungle” waiting for me to watch at some point too. I think “The OA” is due to come back soon – perhaps one of my favourite shows in recent years.

I like TV shows that challenge you – that make you think. The OA did that. It was so different than anything else, and still is in many ways.

Anyway. Tired. I should go to bed. Work in the morning, and all that stuff.

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