Let There Be Pictures

This morning I took the earth shattering decision to start adding photos to my blog posts, and set about working backwards through the first few, choosing suitable pictures to accompany them. I’m not sure pictures really serve any purpose – I don’t really “do” photo-blogging. If nothing else, the pictures brighten the blog up a bit.

I added a mugshot to the “about” page – which finally has a few words about me in it. It turns out writing a potted profile of yourself is quite difficult. I can’t imagine too many people bother with profiles or about pages anyway, but if they do – it’s there.

It strikes me there’s a lot of “things you should do” when it comes to blogs, and blogging – things that any number of “experts” harp on about via their niche webby award winning snore-fests. If we all followed their guidance, every other post would be a paid advertorial, and we would sell everything out to Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else we can use to manufacture a cloud of recursive, self-serving links.

If you EVER see me do a clothes try-on haul, let the people in charge of the internet know they can push the big red button next to my name.

Nope. I’m just going to write my words, and attach a picture each time – mainly to make the place look a bit more colourful, but also to coordinate with the words. This is of course where you look back, and start questioning my choices of photos, and I pretend to ignore you before obsessing over replacements.


I’ve rambled on for five paragraphs about NOTHING. You don’t have to tell me it’s a skill. I’m that guy that can stand at a lecturn, and pad out fifteen minutes while the back stage guys deal with a disaster. Sure, everybody out front will start fidgeting, yawning, and checking their watches, but I’ll damn well keep going.

Oh – in other news, I think everybody should install ICQ like it’s 1999 all over again. I installed the mobile app at lunchtime – it’s just as good as any of the alternatives, if not better – and best of all, it’s NOT any of the alternatives. Not that I’m that person that is always manufacturing new places to hide on the internet, honest.

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