Medication, Banned Books, and Conspiracy Theories

5 thoughts on “Medication, Banned Books, and Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Never read the DaVinci Code wanted to but never got around to it .. my in-law has them I should try them when I’m done with my list of books . Need to get back on Goodreads but can’t find all my username and password … love your post I do not think their boring or any such thing . I would say their real and that’s a good thing.

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  2. I’m with you on the conspiracy theories. I used to love a good headfirst dive into them, but now I find them objectively interesting, with the attitude that there is probably some element of accuracy to them. To be honest, I just enjoyed learning about the different theories and drawing my own conclusions about the most probable outcome… but who has the time for that now?

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  3. I hope Miss 17 is feeling better! I’ve never read The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail. I’ve read some banned books. I own The Catcher and the Rye…a gift from my English Teacher when I was a Senior in high school. All of my teens have read my copy for their high school summer reading (the youngest just read it this summer as she heads into high school). Sadly, I just received a text from her that our lovely (obnoxious) puppy was left to roam inside while she was at soccer practice and his chew toy of choice was my copy of the book. I’m sad, but at the same time, feel like it made it through bedtime reading with the hubby when I was prego with teen #1, reading by all three of my teens, and perhaps it had served its purpose {this is what I’m telling myself so I don’t harbor resentment over the fact that my copy that I’ve carried for 24 years, with its personalized message to me (it’s okay. I have the 2 quotes firmly engrained into my mind), has finally been ruined.}

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    1. I have this scene in my mind now of you buying yourself a new copy of Catcher in the Rye, and then scanning your surroundings to see if you’re being followed (did you ever see the Mel Gibson movie “Conspiracy Theory” ?)

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      1. lol. I’ve seen it, although it’s been ages. I know he’s obsessed with that book. I just watched a few scenes on Youtube. It reminded that a movie that I love with some of my favorite acting from Brad Pitt was 12 Monkeys.

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