Trying Scrivener

I’ve owned a copy of Scrivener for years – since my first proper tilt at NaNoWriMo back in about 2007 if memory serves. If you’ve not heard of it, Scrivener is a word processor designed for writers, where you can organise your writing projects into binders with research, chapters, and so on. It’s all rather wonderful, and lovely.

So why haven’t I been *using* Scrivener all this time? Because I’m a software developer, and I’m so used to working in text editors. It’s really that simple. During my typical work day I live in text editors, so it seems only natural to use them while I’m writing blog posts too. There’s also the “lowest common denominator” argument too – you can always find a minimal text editor on any operating system. In Windows the app of choice tends to be “Notepad++”, on the Mac “Textmate”, and on Linux the Gnome Editor.

There’s also the whole debate about where to save the things you write – I’ve tried Dropbox, OneDrive, Github, Google Drive – pretty much everywhere. I’ve also tried writing posts directly into WordPress, and kind of hated it.

My “master-plan” (or rather “randomly chosen plan”) is to try using Scrivener for a while, and let it save everything into OneDrive. I’m running Windows 10 on both the old home computer, and the old laptop I inherited from the kids – so it kind of makes sense. OneDrive is free, after all.

Of course using Scrivener will not improve my writing – far from it. Look at this post, for example – an endless dirge of waffle about word processors and free online backups.

It begs the question though – do you write your posts directly into WordPress, or Tumblr, or wherever? Do you write them on the computer? On your phone? On a tablet? Do you have a preferred word processor when writing anything of consequence? Enquiring minds would like to know.

18 Replies to “Trying Scrivener”

      1. 🙂 Thank you for bringing that to my attention, Jonathan.

        I only use Linux; therefore I would not be able to use DarkRoom.

        However, most Linux distributions come with LibreOffice by default; there are versions of it for Windows and macOS.


  1. I normally write straight into WordPress on my iPad. I have a keyboard that I connect to my iPad normally as I hate typing on the screen (although I am away and have forgotten to bring it with me so this is unpleasant).

    I’ve never really thought about doing it any other way. For me it’s the convenience. I’m normally on my iPad doing something or other, while my computer is predominantly work focused so gets switched off earlier in the evening in order to allow my brain to switch off from work.

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    1. Oh and as for writing things of consequence, when I had an office 365 subscription, I was a big fan of microsoft word simply for convenience because everything was accessible everywhere, so I could edit work on my computer, iPad, phone etc and it was all reliably available and reliably accessible to others (and I got the subscription for free). Now my subscription is coming to an end and I am faced with indecision about whether to renew.

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      1. Few people seem to realise that if you head to and sign up for a free email account, you also get a free OneDrive account, and free use of Word online (which looks pretty much identical to the desktop app these days).

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      2. Also worth noting – if you are using Word Online in a browser, and press F11, it goes full screen – then you can’t even tell you’re not in the app. Of course you need an internet connection though – which you don’t with the full app. Being honest, I prefer Google Drive over OneDrive 🙂

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      3. This is all so useful. Yes I agree, I find OneDrive a bit frustrating at times, a little clunky to use. Much prefer google drive generally, I just find some aspects of formatting on google docs quite frustrating and illogical, particularly around the formatting of tables. It sounds minor but a significant irritation in my life.


  2. I type directly into WordPress on my computer. But my blogs are generic and quick. I don’t do drafts…I just write and publish. I tried writing on my iPad but I didn’t like the keyboard. I give a lot of credit to people who write blogs on their phones…I would never blog if that were my option

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  3. I write my posts directly into WordPress using a desktop or laptop computer. I need a full keyboard!

    For other writing, I either write with Google Docs or a word processing software like Word or OpenOffice.

    I’ve used WriteMonkey before but didn’t care for it.

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  4. I write directly to WordPress, but I have had moments of “oh wait, if something goes wrong…all those words I worked so hard to place in a cohesive manner are lost”. I write on my laptop. I’ve done a few quick updates from my phone, but I am not a fan of that process (but that may be because I’m old…lol…I also hate using a touchpad and always have a wireless mouse). I do write copious amounts of notes in notebooks and journals and then have to scour through them all for the random piece of information that I am searching for.

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  5. I too write directly into WordPress and have not found a problem with this method. I do prefer the laptop with the keyboard as opposed to my phone although sometimes, I type in my phone and save it as a draft to edit later. (you know, when sitting at a practice…)

    But your comments are are enlightening and I will make some notes. Great post!


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