7 thoughts on “Walls”

  1. I’m currently alone at home as you, but not lonely. I haven’t started missing the family yet but there is a very slight undercurrent of ‘hm, wonder what they’re doing right now, am I missing out?’ But not so much. Just a fleeting moment here and there. I yearned for solitude for a couple of weeks now and now that it’s here, I’m actually quite content.

    Your post sounds like you’re lonely. I hope you’re not slipping into a depression.

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  2. One’s own thoughts and feelings are harder to articulate because they are part of an inner reference frame which has to be communicated first before they make sense to others. But perhaps quite a lot of that background has already leaked out to your readers and you can risk short-circuiting the context setting.
    Or I might have misunderstood what you are getting at in this post…
    Poetry can be a good medium, though I think it may require more time and effort than your current life permits.
    A /quiet/ pub with some time to spare and someone with whom to converse. That’s a rare luxury – perhaps you need a holiday like that.

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  3. In the beginning of my blog, I think I wrote more head emptying posts. Now I feel like I don’t know what to share there because so many people come looking for different things. Or perhaps not. My anxiety issues make me overthink everything and I tend to want to please everyone. I used to think that when people disappeared from visiting my blog that it was me, but after experiencing my own need to pull back and reassess my path, I can see how perhaps it is about them and not their disinterest in me (if that makes any sense).
    What would those paperbacks be? Surely not The Catcher in the Rye. 😉 Then we’d have to converse about conspiracy theories and make sure that the locals shaking the rain out of their hair weren’t really spies. lol.


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