Forty Thousand Winks

I’m not entirely sure why I missed a day on the blog yesterday. I suppose life happened. I’ll go with that. While I was at work, and the children were at a holiday club, my other half took a vast collection of old video games to the trade-in store, and gave them a very busy afternoon. She returned two hours later, children in tow, to exchange a mountain of in-store credit for three XBox 360 consoles.

Guess who spent the majority of last night wiring up games machines, televisions, connecting them to the internet, configuring online account sign-ins and so on. Afterwards I retreated to the junk room for an hour and nerded out spectacularly – playing chess against the computer, and falling down one internet rabbit hole after another. Eventually I found myself propped on the couch in the living room watching a horrific drama called “Hidden” about a hellish family in Wales that abducted young women. I remarked to my other half “I can’t watch this, because it will cause bad dreams”. I carried on watching anyway.

I fell asleep at about 4am.

At some point between 6am and 7am I had quite the most bizarre dream in some time. I don’t remember much about it now, other than it was ridiculous, and left me staring at the alarm clock in disbelief when I finally woke up.

I’m not sure how I made it through today. It turns out that it’s quite difficult to keep going on three hours of sleep – my appreciation and wonder of people that do shift work just went through the roof. All those nurses I know – how on earth do you do it ? Do you ever get used to it ?

How is tomorrow only Wednesday? It feels like it should be Thursday already. I’m sure after a decent night’s sleep I’ll feel differently, but really – can this week not just finish already? If there are any supernatural beings up there, pulling our strings – surely you can see that this week needs to be over already? I’ll take your abject failure to act as conclusive proof that you don’t exist (like I need any proof, given the total and utter lack of any evidence to the contrary in recorded history throughout any civilization that ever walked the earth).

Oops. Almost fell down a rabbit hole of my own making there.

Perhaps it’s time to go catch up on forty thousand winks.

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