Two Weeks Off

I finished work at 5:30pm this evening, and cycled home through quiet roads towards home. The majority of the people that would normally be passive aggressively driving their cars home from work were nowhere to be seen – no doubt they are either sitting on beaches in sunnier climes, posting their toxic highlight reels to the social networks.

Well guess what. Now I can play that game too – because I finished work this evening, and don’t go back for nearly three weeks. Next week I am at home, then the week after we fly to Majorca – our first family trip overseas. While I might share a few photos along the way, I promise not to flood the feeds with idiotic mugshots – no “look where I am and you’re not” photos from me.

The first of our five iPhones should arrive tomorrow – we could only order three to begin with, and will order another two at the start of November. It appears to be some kind of billing safeguard to avoid people buying phones in bulk, selling them, and then vanishing. I’m still not sure how I feel about returning to using an iPhone – it’s something new to learn (or to re-learn in my case – I had an iPhone 3G back in the day, and an iPad). I’m sure it will be fine, but urgh. I don’t know.

Miss 17 got paid this evening – her first ever pay packet. She has worked for the local dance teacher for the last week – running art activities for children at her summer dance classes. I have to take her to the bank in the morning to show her how to pay a cheque in. I may well walk up to the bank staff and ask them to show and explain everything to her – it will give them something to do. By mid week she will have more money in her bank account than she has ever known – I imagine parcels will begin arriving from Amazon over the following days.

What else has been happening? Not much really. I started playing chess online, can’t quite believe how bad I have become. I’m not entirely sure I want to invest the effort to drag myself back to where I used to be. I do still love playing the game though – it fascinates, and frustrates me at the same time.

Oh crikey – look at the time. Somehow it’s midnight, and Friday has become Saturday. I should post this, and then head to bed.

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