Sixteen Thousand Steps

3 thoughts on “Sixteen Thousand Steps”

  1. Pretty poop that your parcel went missing! At least the store was willing to refund and gave you some vouchers too. 16k steps in a day, that’s awesome, I miss tracking steps, but it’s pretty pointless at the moment lol

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  2. That stinks about the missing games! GTA 5 was eaten by our dog! Since it belonged to son #2 and he doesn’t play it anymore, we aren’t replacing it. I’ve never played it though. p.s.- you totally should’ve gotten a wheelbarrow 😉

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  3. That’s diabolical- I’d have been beside myself with fury sbf wanted, though not achieved, each staff to “EMPTY YOUR POCKETS NOW!” (show us your carrier bag in the corner please).
    Denzel would have had it out of there in no time … probably 28 seconds I reckon


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