Every Other Day

I seem to only make it to the blog every other day at the moment, which is ridiculous because I have the week off work. Im knocking around the house doing chores, walking into town running errands, and somehow filling each day with forgettable detritus.

Ill keep quiet about Grand Theft Auto 5. Yes, I picked up a second hand copy of it, and yes, Ive played it for a number of hours now, but Ive already started to lose interest in it. I tend to deconstruct things in my head and know that as soon as I start doing that with a video game, Ill lose interest in it. Ive started seeing through the veneer of the imaginary game world to the machinery underneath, and its killing it. The uncanny valley has been washed away by scripted lines, event triggers, and stock animations.

Maybe theres a hint there about why I tend towards blogging rather than video games. Its all about real people, isnt it. When we post our thoughts out to the internet, we invite real people to connect with us. We sow the seeds of the chance to make new friends.

People are odd though, arent they. While ironing a shirt to wear this morning I listened to a chart-show style playlist, and started to take notice of the songs. They were all so polarised my girl wants me dead, I want to die without her, whats the point of carrying on, and so on. It all seemed so black and white. It got me thinking about somebody I have come to know through their blog that is having a tough time at the moment and their daily swing from high to low. They have no middle-ground either. Ive been sitting here, wondering if its to do with age, and life experience?

Maybe when we are younger, things really are more polarised? We have no life experience to fall back on, so endings really are endings the idea that the world keeps turning is probably earned through bitter experience. I wonder how many times we have to wake up the next day feeling better about things to learn the lesson?

Anyway. Im rambling. I have promised a certain 13 year old a visit to the coffee shop in town. I imagine she will order the most complicated drink possible (last week was a caramel frappuccino), while I stand there looking apologetic. Later.

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